2014 Polaris RZR XP 1000 Eibach Stage 2 Performance Spring System (Set of 8 Springs)


PRO-UTV Stage 2 – Perfect for the weekend warrior! This system delivers the confidence and control you need to keep the hammer down and lead the pack. An adjustable lockout collar is included to allow fine tuning of the transition point of the dual spring setup—for a smooth ride over rough terrain and the higher additional rate to prevent bottoming in the G-Outs. You will immediately notice better turn-in response and stay hooked-up to power out of the turns.

Each PRO-UTV System delivers the maximum performance for any terrain using our ERO (Eibach Racing Off-Road) springs. The choice of Off-Road Champions from SCORE to WRC, these springs are engineered to withstand the extreme off-road challenges with legendary performance, quality and reliability.