5150 Whip 4 Foot LED Whip with Remote and mag base

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The brightest, strongest, and most advanced multicolored LED Whip remote system in the off-road industry.  LED whips feature 20 different colors and 19 different programs along with speed and brightness controls along with the fastest quick release system in the industry. 

Clearly display your location at night with a 5150 Whips 4 Foot LED Whip with Remote. This 4 foot color changing LED whip includes a three button controller, quick release base, and stylish 5150 whip flag. 200 LED's are closely wrapped giving you the most and brightest light per linear foot. The quick release system and durable water proof LED's make this 5150 four foot Whip the perfection addition to your side by side. 

Product Details:
  • 4 Feet Tall
  • 200 LED's
  • Includes controller, quick release base, and 5150 flag
  • Water proof
  • Color changing
  • Extremely durable