X3 Four Seat Standard Radius Cage

$1,495.00 $1,595.00

All race engineered cages come bare metal and fully welded and include:
Aluminum roof ( bead rolled with flush Dzus buttons)
Light bar tabs
Rear view mirror
Whip tabs
Optional grab handles (no cost difference)
Optional Front window intrusion bars (no cost difference)
Our jigs are adjustable so we can make your cage as tall or low as you like.
We have many more options call us today to get your build sheet started

Powder coating: $300 for single stage colors, $450 for two stage or candy colors 

Add on's at additional price

Windshield to stop at the bottom window bar with beadroll $700
Windshield that goes all the way down to the plastics with or with out mesh inserts $850
Light bar pocket $295
Rear roof extension $200
Rear wing with 3 hella led lights $450
Roof rack $750
Pre wire cage $50 per lighting accessory
Install cage $400